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Joy Creek Nursery 2019
Weekend Class & Tour Schedule

Our Class Room--Photo by Joy Creek Nursery all rights reserved
We at Joy Creek believe our classes are a good way for gardeners of all levels to improve their knowledge of plants and their gardening skills.  The classes also offer an opportunity for gardeners to meet others who share a similar passion.  We hope they give confidence to the beginner and inspiration to the long-time gardener.  Since we first started our programs, our list of speakers has grown to include many regionally and nationally recognized specialists and enthusiasts.  Please join us for a class, workshop or tour this year! 


In addition to our regular workshops that will take place the first Sunday of each month, we have added monthly tours highlighting particular plant groups that are in bloom. Clematis and hydrangeas are among them. Classes and workshops are on Sundays and all events begin at 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. While tours are free, please note that there will be a small fee for some classes and workshops. Call 503-543-7474 for more information or visit us at our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information.


March 10 - 1 p.m.

Michelle Berg

Raising Blue Orchard Mason Bees

Come and meet local gardener Michelle Berg and learn all about mason bees for your own garden. Blue Orchard Mason Bees are gentle, will not sting, and are easy to raise. They are one of the first emerging bees in spring, just in time to coincide with early blooming fruit and nut trees. These energetic little bees do not produce honey and do not swarm; they buzz from flower to flower, gathering and distributing pollen making them perfect for the backyard garden. Come and learn more about the super-efficient blue orchard mason bees and how they can benefit your garden. Michelle will have bees and supplies ready to sell at this class which is free and open to the public.

Michelle Berg founded Fat Dog Farms in 2002 when she and her husband moved to Columbia County from Washington State. In 2004, they began raising blue orchard mason bees to provide pollination to the many fruits and berries that they had planted on the farm's five acres. Fifteen years later, research and experiments has made Fat Dog Farms experienced when it comes to the blue orchard mason bee. Michelle is a native to the Pacific Northwest, a member of the Scappoose and St. Helens Garden Clubs, and is the Columbia County Fairgrounds Floral Building Superintendent. Fat Dog Farms operates a farm stand on Cater Road in Warren, and occupies a spot in 2Cs Vendor Mall. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys camping and fishing with her family throughout the Northwest.

March 24 - 1 p.m.

Mike Smith

The Awakening Garden

Spring is here! It's not too late to think about dividing certain perennials and assess clean up in the garden as it awakens. Mike will also help to point out places to add new plants and supplement with early garden bulbs and spring ephemerals, a passion of his. Come walk the gardens with Mike and experience some of his favorite spring flowering shrubs, perennials, bulbs, trees and more. Dress for the weather. Free and open to the public.

Mike Smith is co-owner of Joy Creek Nursery and is a passionate gardener who retired from a management job in corporate America, got bored and then started the nursery. He is especially enamored with spring ephemerals and plants with fragrance.

April 7 - 1 p.m.

Bruce Hegna

Launching Your Small Space into the Big Leagues! Discover Ways to Make a Diminutive Yard Have Maximum Impact

Are you frustrated with your small back yard, tiny condo, greenspace or patio? Do you long for more square footage? Don't be discouraged! We'll discuss strategies using perspective, vertical elements, containers and other 'tricks' to maximize every square inch of your garden. Yes, petite can be powerful! There is a $10 fee for this class. Please pay on the day of the class in the barn. See you there!

Bruce Hegna from interior green plant maintenance, floral design to visual merchandising for a local retail nursery. He expanded upon his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota by attending Portland Community College - Rock Creek for their landscape design program. He collaborates with Joy Creek Nursery's landscape team and also runs his independent landscape design firm Nature/Nurture Landscape Design. Although a proud MN native, he greatly prefers Oregon's climate for its endless hiking pleasures and gardening potential!

APRIL 21 - 1 p.m.

Nadine Black

Evolving with the Garden

For years, Nadine has been the on-site consultant for Joy Creek Nursery, helping gardeners realize the full potential of their sites. She has also gardened at her home site for 30 years and is in the process of re-imagining her own garden. She is eager to share her practical experiences and knowledge as a professional with those who are just beginning to garden and also with those who are in the process of changing or re-imagining older gardens.

Nadine Black tried on many hats in our industry - from private gardener to wholesale plant sales - before she discovered that her real passion was helping retail customers create gardens. At Joy Creek Nursery, she has found a new set of hats including conducting on-site garden consultations and teaching workshops. Indeed, she likes to say, "I've been in horticulture for more than 30 years and half of them have been with Joy Creek." In addition, she has acquired the Lifetime Certified Oregon Nursery Professional certificate from the Oregon Association of Nurseries.

May 12 - 1 p.m.

Jane Hartline

Garden-Worthy Native Plants for Your Garden

An aesthetically-enchanting garden goes beyond just the beauty of flowers. A truly beautiful garden is filled with the songs of birds, the buzzing of bees and the colorful winging of butterflies. Jane Hartline from Sauvie Island Natives will talk about how to achieve this higher aesthetic by working native plants into the landscape. She will extol the virtues of various plant species in providing food and shelter for songbirds, bees, butterflies and other critters. She will also discuss how the structure of your garden can offer shelter for songbirds and provide other tips for attracting birds and wildlife. She'll convince you that many of our lovely Northwest native ground covers, perennials and shrubs are worthy of a place in even the most traditional garden settings.

Jane Hartline is the founder of the Sauvie Island Habitat Partnership and co-author of the Sauvie Island Conservation Resources Guide. Her long-term efforts to promote the planting natives has resulted in a 3-acre restoration display garden on her Sauvie Island property and the creation of her native plant nursery -- Sauvie Island Natives.

May 19 - 1 p.m.

Maurice Horn

Clematis Tour of the Gardens at Joy Creek Nursery

Join nursery co-owner Maurice Horn for a tour of the many species of clematis in the gardens at Joy Creek Nursery to learn which is best for your garden. Over the last twenty-nine years, Joy Creek Nursery has been fortunate to be associated with many wonderful clematis hybridizers and collectors. As a result, the nursery garden contains a wide variety of both climbing and herbaceous forms of clematis from many parts of the world. This is an opportunity to learn about many clematis that are rarely if ever seen in the trade. Free and open to the public.

Maurice Horn, co-owner of Joy Creek Nursery has served on the board of the International Clematis Society and was a founding member and vice-president of the Pacific Northwest Clematis Society which became the Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection. Clematis have been a life-long passion. He has been fortunate to work with several hybridizers and to introduce their plants to the gardening public. Recently, Joy Creek Nursery has introduced several of their own clematis.

June 2 - 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Leslie Gover

Basic Propagation Workshop

Leslie's goal is to demonstrate how plants reproduce so that the home gardener understands the best methods to use to refresh treasured plants in their own gardens. Join Leslie as she covers the fundamental steps for making and growing-on rooted cuttings, scaling lilies, dividing perennials, and cleaning and sowing seeds. Discover ways to look at the summer garden for other opportunities to increase your plants. Spend the morning learning about tools, techniques, timing and more. You will take your own "propagules" home. There is a $50 fee for this four hour workshop. Advanced registration required. To register and pay, please call us at 503-543-7474.

Leslie Gover has worked around plants since she was a very young girl planting her first garden. Joy Creek Nursery's propagator has handled thousands of plants during the 15 years that she had headed up our greenhouse. During the course of those years, she has developed a list of reliable plants that she thinks gardeners should not be without. Fun and informational. Her background in ornamental horticulture from Oregon State University has allowed her to spend lots of time in the field in both a professional and personal capacity. As one of her personal goals, she began Daisytoes Nursery to teach her children what vegetables, business and a strong work ethic are all about.

June 9 - 1 p.m.

Richie Steffen

Garden Tables Large and Small

For those of you who have admired our fern tables in our retail area, come to this workshop to learn how to create your own! Joy Creek is happy to welcome Richie Steffen back to talk about the new book from Timber Press, The Plant Lover's Guide to Ferns, which he co-authored with Sue Olsen. As you will see during the first part of the afternoon, Richie is full of inventive ways for using ferns in the garden. He will show some of the best ferns for Northwest gardens and share tips on how to use them in the garden.

During the second part of the afternoon, Richie will demonstrate how to create easy-to-assemble fern tables. These miniature landscapes are inspired by local Northwest Gardener George Schenk, author of Gardening on Pavement, Tables, & Hard Surfaces. Richie uses small plants, moss, rocks and weathered pieces of wood, to craft a distinctive focal point for your patio, deck, or entryway. He will also show how to care for the tables as they mature. They are irresistible! This is a two hour workshop with a 15 minute break. There is a $10 cost for this class. Please pay the day of the class in our retail area (the barn).

Richie Steffen is the Curator for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden where he manages the rare plant collections and heads acquisitions of new plants for the garden. He currently serves as a selection committee member of the Great Plant Picks™ program and is always ready to share his enthusiasm for this excellent regional resource. He is also the co-author and co-photographer of the recently published Plant Lover's Guide to Ferns from Timber Press.

July 7 - 10 a.m.

Maurice Horn

Hydrangea Tour in the Gardens of Joy Creek Nursery & Their Use as Landscape Plants

Joy Creek Nursery houses a large collection of hydrangeas, not only the showy mop-head and lacecap types that are familiar to the public but also less common species, climbing forms and close relatives. Many of these shrubs are more than 20 years old in the garden and will be at their best in July. This tour is designed to acquaint gardeners with the large variety of hydrangeas that are available and to teach good cultural practices. Learn how to use them as not only specimens, but as landscape plants. The tour begins in the cool of the morning at 10 a.m. and will include instructions and best practices for planting and care. Free and open to the public.

Maurice Horn is co-owner of Joy Creek Nursery. Hydrangeas are among his many plant passions. Come with your questions!

July 21 - 1 p.m.

Ramona Wulzen

The Big Beautiful Tour

There are amazing bold and beautiful plants in the gardens at Joy Creek Nursery. Many of these serve double duty as privacy plants in the landscape, something many of our customers are seeking out these days. Come and walk the gardens with Ramona and learn about some larger plants out there and determine which ones will do well in your own garden. There's always something new to learn! Plants in the larger range include perennials, shrubs, small trees, grasses and vines. Many have fall color or flowers or interesting bark. Free and open to the public.

Ramona Wulzen draws on her years of experience working with Joy Creek customers and tending her own gardens. A life-long gardener, she has gardened both on a city lot and on three acres in the woods. Ramona is a veteran of our retail department and now works in our landscape department.

August 10 - 6-9 p.m.

Twilight in the Garden

Join us for our annual summer event, Twilight in the Garden. Once a year we remain open from 6 until 9pm to celebrate with the community and say thank you for making Joy Creek a part of your gardening experience. Come join us for a home-grown evening of locally made treats and refreshments and live music in the garden by our friends and local musicians The Stringed Migration Duo. Celebrate the transformative powers of this magic time of day by observing the many qualities twilight brings to the garden such as fragrance, evening lighting and wildlife. You can experience the garden and nursery both because the retail area will remain open throughout the evening. This is a special event for us all and we look forward to seeing you here. Free and open to the public.

About The Stringed Migration Duo:

We play Irish harp, North Indian sarod, Greek bouzouki, Middle Eastern and African percussion, Irish and Appalachian fiddle, folk guitar and harmony vocals. No one has ever been able to reach a final tally on just how many instruments Elizabeth Nicholson and Bob Soper play or how many cultures influence their music. Duo partners for seven years, they also share the dual role of fronting the critically acclaimed international roots quintet Stringed Migration. Their music as been hailed as “performed with the sort of resonance that separates masters from neophytes” (Jerome Clark,, 2009), and has been featured on NPR’s "The Thistle and Shamrock," "The Midnight Special," and hundreds of other radio programs worldwide.

September 29 - 1 p.m.

Maurice Horn

Low Water Gardening with Maurice Horn

In this, our last class of the year, Maurice Horn will present a class focused on dry gardening solutions to minimize summer watering.

Recent years have brought record cold winters and record hot, dry summers. At Joy Creek Nursery, we have been pleased how well the plants in our low-water and no-water borders have fared despite the weather. This is testament to the plants themselves, of course, but also to the soil amendments and preparation that make these borders possible. During this two-hour workshop, Maurice will present in detail various methods for amending soils, appropriate plant choices and ways for combining plants to maintain year-round interest in the garden. There is a $15 fee for this class. You will receive a store coupon for 30% off all plants in the nursery for the day!

Maurice Horn, as co-owner of Joy Creek Nursery, has had the opportunity to trial a vast variety of perennials and shrubs. He is ever eager to find ways to create exciting gardens that use low to no water. He has conducted gravel gardening workshops for Metro, the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (at Reed College), Portland State University and Heronswood Nursery. Recently, Maurice designed a dry land garden in cooperation with PGE, ODOT and the Master Gardeners of Oregon™.

The Month of October – Year End Sale

We will be offering 20% off of everything at the on-site nursery for the month of October (sorry, not applicable to online catalogue sales). In addition, select plants will be 50% off. Stay tuned for details!





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