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608-001   Soleirolia soleirolii     ( Baby's tears )

Soleirolia soleirolii
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Soleirolia soleirolii is often used in protected outdoor containers or as a house-plant where its fast-growing habit can soon drape a pot. Some gardeners in milder climates use it as a groundcover or an insert between paving stones in shady gardens. It remains evergreen and thrives in these applications as long as it is not burned by the sun or allowed to dry out. In cold winters the plant can die back but soon regrows as the weather moderates. Because of its mediterranean origin, it is often regarded as a tender plant but we have found it to be much hardier than it is given credit for. One of the main complaints about baby's tears regards its invasiveness when grown near a well-watered lawn or wet area. Used with care, this is an effective plant.

  6 in. x 9-12 in.

White flowers

Shade, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

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