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075-153   Sedum hakonense 'Chocolate Ball'  

Sedum hakonense 'Chocolate Ball'
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The Japanese name for Sedum hakonense is "matsunoha mannengusa" which translates approximately to "pine needle sedum." That describes the appearance of the tiny needle foliage of this succulent. The specific name tells us that it was found near Hakone, in the mountains around Mt. Fuji and more southerly. What is unique about this selection is the red brown color of the those needle-like leaves. The cultivar name is really apt! Imagine how amazing the cymes of small yellow flowers look against the dark foliage of Sedum h. `Chocolate Ball'.

Summer.  2 in. x 2-4 in.

Yellow flowers

Sun     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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