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352-069   Saxifraga paniculata (White-mountain form)     ( White-mountain saxifrage )

Saxifraga paniculata (White-mountain form)
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Saxifraga paniculata is found mostly in Europe but this selection of the species is from the North American population which was once thought to be a separate species. Measuring less than 2 inches in width, the evergreen rosettes are lime-encrusted along their margins. Leaf-margins are lightly toothed. Although the narrow leaves of this species are said to be blunt at the tip, our form is rounded and comes to a pointed tip. The flowering stems vary in height from 3 to 12 inches. We grow this in a shallow container with an inch-layer of 1/4-inch gravel.

Early summer.  1 in. x 8-10 in.

White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 4-8

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