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352-052   Saxifraga kolenatiana 'Foster's Red'     ( Saxifrage )

Saxifraga kolenatiana 'Foster's Red'
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We have been growing many of our rock garden saxifrages in a gravel mix in large containers. They continue to amaze us as they form tight rosettes of leathery green foliage. Because of their small size and their ease of care, these are great for gardeners who must garden in containers. The leaves of Saxifraga kolenatiana 'Foster's Red' are smooth and about 3/16th of an inch wide. They come to an accute tip. The slightly cupped leaves are held at about a 45 degree angle which gives the rosette a half-opened appearance. One of the great attractions of the leaves is the encrustation of silver along their toothed margins. It is presumed that this is a selection made by Lincoln Foster, one of the pioneers in rock gardening. What distinguishes this particular selection is the dark red of its flowers.

Summer.  6 in. x 6-12 in.

Dark Red flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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