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352-050   Saxifraga gaudinii 'Canis Dalmatica' (x)     ( Saxifrage )

Saxifraga gaudinii 'Canis Dalmatica' (x)
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This natural cross between S. cotyledon and S. paniculata is an old-timer in the specialty nursery trade. One of the attractions of many of the rock garden saxifrages is their evergreen nature and the fact that, given proper drainage, they are relatively care-free. This makes them useful for containers and troughs which are becoming increasingly popular with gardeners who have smaller gardens or garden on balconies and decks. We grow Saxifraga x gaudinii 'Canis Dalmatica' in a large, well-draining basin in a gravel mix. It has formed a mounded cushion of rich green leathery leaves. The leaves have blunt tips and are encrusted in silver along their toothed margins. The rosettes open wide and their leaves rest almost horizontally giving them a more open appearance. Individual bloom spikes are a foot tall and can bear up to 30 flowers. The tiny petals of the flowers are white with red spots.

Early summer.  10 in. x 8 in.

White flowers

Part Shade     Zones 6, 7, 8

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