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352-053   Saxifraga 'Primuloides'  

Saxifraga 'Primuloides'
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This plant is often seen listed as S. x urbium var. primuloides (the name under which we received our plant), but according to Malcolm McGregor, author of Saxifrages: A Definitive Guide to the 2000 Species, Hybrids & Cultivars, this is more properly listed as a cultivar in the London Pride Group of saxifrages. It is characterized by its diminutive size, being less than half the size of what is commonly sold as London Pride. Small, rounded, leathery, everygreen leaves form a tight rosette which slowly increases by forming side rosettes. It is a good candidate for use as a small groundcover. The flowers of the plant that we grow are white and not pink as recorded in the literature and so we will continue to research this discrepancy.

Late spring.  1 in. x slow spreading

White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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