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071-179D4   Salvia lanceolata  

Salvia lanceolata
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A pleasing but unusual combination of gray green foliage and dusty rose flower makes Salvia lanceolata unforgettable. The two-inch flowers are quite showy with the upper lobe of the flower curving over the reduced lower lobe. Once the flowers are fertilized and drop, the showy, persistent calyces expand to about an inch in size and appear to put on a second round of bloom. The calyces are dusty rose and green. Coming from the hills and coastal areas around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, this sage has not proven winter-hardy for us in our Zone 8 garden and we protect it each winter.

May to November.   3 ft. x 2-4 ft.

Muted Rose flowers

Sun     Zones 9, 10

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