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320-039D4   Rosa pisocarpa  

Rosa pisocarpa
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British Columbia to Northern California. This is one of the roses native to the woods along the Cascades Mountains. Our friend Linda Beutler, who has often advised us on roses, realized that we did not have this rose and brought us a specimen. With its dark red stems and its lovely pinnately compound foliage composed of 5 to 9 leaflets, this is certainly a rose worthy of the garden. The small, pink, single roses are carried in cymes of up to ten blooms. In late summer, red, pear-shaped hips develop and persist on the stems as the foliage turns yellow and red in the autumn. Botantists consider this rose an indicator for wetland areas but it seems perfectly happy in our garden where it is well-watered once every week or two in the dry summer.

Spring to summer.  3-6 ft. x 3 ft.

Pink flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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