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923-002D4   Rhus trilobata     ( Sumac )

Rhus trilobata
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From Washington to California eastward. This adaptable shrub was used by native North Americans for medicinal purposes and as a source for dyes. Although it is sometimes called skunkbush because of the odor its leaves emit when crushed, that name does not suggest the beauty of Rhus trilobata. In the spring, short panicles of yellow flowers emerge before the shrub leafs out. When the leaves emerge, they are green above, but pale on their reverses. Small red fruits are set from August to October when the leaves begin to turn red and orange. Indeed, in our area, this is one of the most reliable shrubs for an autumnal show. Because of its suckering habit, it is excellent holding soils together on a bank or a slope.

Spring.  3-6 ft. x 6-8 ft.

Yellow flowers

Sun     Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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