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061-251   Penstemon 'Magarita BOP'  

Penstemon 'Magarita BOP'
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Customers have asked us for a garden hybrid penstemon that has the clear blue flowers of many of the West Coast species that are so difficult to grow in most borders. We have been delighted to find Penstemon 'Magarita BOP' from Las Pilatus Nursery which fills the bill. During the winter months this forms an evergreen shrublet with narrow, linear, matte-green foliage. By May, however, the shrublet is transformed when 22-inch flowering stems emerge bearing their brilliant blue tubular flowers. These flowers often develop magenta or reddish highlights as they age. Be sure to give it full sun with good drainage. (By the way, the BOP in the name refers to "bottom of the porch" where the original seedling was located.)

May to August.   22 in. x 30 in.

Blue flowers

Sun     Zones (7),8, 9
All of the garden hybrid Penstemons need full sun and well-drained soil. We mulch the crowns with 1/4-10 crushed gravel which discourages crown rot by letting water drain off the crown quickly. When planting Penstemons we fertilize them only lightly and then never again. Over fertilizing Penstemons promotes the development of lush soft growth which leads to excessive die back in the winter.

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