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935-001D4   Paxistima myrsinites     ( Oregon boxwood )

Paxistima myrsinites
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Oregon boxwood is an apt common name for Paxistima myrsinites. With its small, glossy leaves and its compact habit it resembles that common hedging plant. This evergreen shrub is endemic to many of the mountainous regions of western North America and so it is a worthy addition to western-style native plant gardens. We have grown it for many years and have tried it with low to almost no supplemental water. It survived very well and its dark green foliage was a welcome sight in the heat of summer. The small flowers are clustered in the leaf axils. They are not showy and are easily overlooked. The deer, however, will not overlook the foliage which is part of their browse in the wild.

Summer.  1-2 ft. x 1-2 ft.

Red flowers

Sun     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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