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050-045D4   Lonicera etrusca     ( Etruscan honeysuckle )

Lonicera etrusca
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Although this vigorous Mediterranean shrub is usually seen tied into a trellis, it is not by nature a climber. It is more a sprawler that is willing to accommodate our climbing needs. Its blue green leaves are often fused together in a cupped fashion near the top of the stem. Lower down the leaves are separate. In milder weather, the shrub is semi-evergreen. The narrow, tubular flowers are 2 inches long and start out a pale color darkening to yellow with age. They are gathered into whorls, usually in sets of three at the ends of branches. Attractive red berries form late in the summer.

Midsummer to autumn.  12 ft.

Cream flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9

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