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046-089   Lavandula 'Evelyn Cadzow'     ( Spanish lavender )

Lavandula 'Evelyn Cadzow'
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This beautiful lavender has been an ideal shrublet in our gardens, tidy, attractive and long-blooming. Found by its namesake in her Dunedin, NZ garden and introduced to the gardening public by Marshwood Nursery in 1992, it is becoming a more familiar plant in gardens in the Pacific Northwest. It is speculated that it is a cross between L. stoechas and L. viridis, both Mediterranean plants and not known for winter hardiness. Fortunately, Lavandula 'Evelyn Cadzow' has proven winter-hardy for us for many years. Because of its compact size, it would be ideal in containers if they can be protected. The flowering stems are not tall, only about 10 inches long. The flower spikes themselves are short and a little rounded with red purple bracts on top and flowers with dark purple corollas below. The green foliage is mildly aromatic.

April to May; August to September.  12 in. x 12 in.

Dark Purple flowers

Sun     Zones (7), 8, 9

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