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294-010-1   Hydrangea serrata 'Preziosa'     ( Mountain Hydrangea )

Hydrangea serrata 'Preziosa'
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How do you praise this incredible shrub enough? Although Hydrangea serrata 'Preziosa' (G. Ahrends, 1961) is a H. serrata form, it bears small rounded mop head flowers that begin white, pale green, pink or lavender but mature through the season to an intense burgundy red. At the same time, the foliage is infused with burgundy. As the flowers deepen in color so does the foliage. By autumn the show is intense. Afternoon shade please. A Great Plant Picks selection.

Early summer to midsummer.  5 ft. x 4 ft.

Pink flowers

Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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