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294-132D4   Hydrangea integrifolia  

Hydrangea integrifolia
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The first time we saw this vigorous climber set buds, we were amazed. The buds were the size of small fists! When they finally opened, we saw a display of lace-cap flowers surrounding a dense froth of white fertile flowers. Hydrangea integrifolia is slow to settle in to the garden, but the wait is well worth it. When you begin with the beautiful bronze new growth in early spring, add in the over-sized early summer buds followed by the high summer floral show, and then top it off with the glossy, seven-inch long evergreen foliage, you get a climber with year-round interest. We grow it up the trunk of a large deciduous tree. Because it climbs using aerial roots, it can also be allowed to climb up walls or any other structure adequate to support its weight. This is one of a small number of climbers that will bloom in the shade, which it does in the mountainous woods of Taiwan where it is native. GPP.

Early summer.  up to 40 ft.

White flowers

Shade, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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