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294-034-1   Hydrangea 'Mariesii Grandiflora'  

Hydrangea 'Mariesii Grandiflora'
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Hydrangea 'Mariesii Grandiflora' is sometimes sold as 'White Wave,' a name that describes it aptly. The large white infertile florets of the lacecap flowers deserve a wooded or lightly shaded setting to show off their size and purity but also to prevent them from browning in the sun. There is a curious sky blue node in the middle of these large sterile florets which is echoed in the sky blue of the tiny fertile florets in the center of the lacecap. The rich green foliage has good substance. This shrub blooms on both old and new wood so flowers are produced over an extended period.

Early summer to midsummer.  4-5 ft. x 4-5 ft.

White flowers

Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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