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633-001D4   Helwingia chinensis  

Helwingia chinensis
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Once you discover the tiny flowers of Helwingia chinensis blooming along the central vein of the leaves, you never forget them. Female flowers are solo: male flowers come in groups. You need both sexes in order to obtain the small black fruits. Our selection is female. Despite its curious method of bloom, the shrub is quite radiant with its glossy, tapering leaves. In our mild region, it is mostly evergreen. New growth begins reddish brown and mellows to green with time. As a woodland plant, it is happy to grow in dark corners of the garden as long as it has regular water. Protect it from deer if you happen to have a marauding herd!

April, May.  5 ft. x 3-5 ft.

Pale Green flowers

Shade, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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