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268-061D4   Hebe gibbsii  

Hebe gibbsii
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This diminutive evergreen shrublet has managed to survive several difficult winters in our garden. It has never gotten very large although it is reported to reach a foot or so in height in the mountains of the northeastern part of the South Island of New Zealand where it grows. Its lance-shaped leaves are glaucous in appearance arranged in a more or less uniform pattern on its wiry stems. The leaves and petioles are actually covered with fine white hairs that give the plant its blue green coloration. The small flowers are white with tiny, violet red anthers. Hebe gibbsii honors the botanist Frederick G. Gibbs (1866-1953).

April to August.  4-8 in. x 4-8 in.

White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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