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469-015D4   Grevillea 'Marshall Olbricht'  

Grevillea 'Marshall Olbricht'
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The evergreen shrub Grevillea 'Marshall Olbricht' was found at Western Hills Nursery in Occidental, CA, and named for its cofounder. Although it resembles Grevillea victorae in habit, it is decidedly different. The willowy leaves are much shorter and narrower. The stem color is also more gray brown and the leaves appear a bit greener. Like Grevillea victorae, this has proven to be fully winter hardy in the Maritime Pacific Northwest. For those gardeners who garden for hummingbirds, this is essential because it blooms throughout the winter. Despite its Australian roots, our native hummingbirds have learned to frequent its brilliant flowers.

Autumn through spring and sporadically in the summer.  9 ft. x 9 ft.

Bright Orange flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9
Note: Grevilleas originate in areas with mostly phosphorous deficient soils. An application of a balanced fertilizer will likely kill most Grevilleas and many of the other Proteaceae varieties.

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