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172-080D4   Geranium renardii 'Philippe Vapelle'  

Geranium renardii 'Philippe Vapelle'
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We used to sell Geranium renardii 'Philippe Vapelle' at our nursery several decades back. Somehow, it got lost in the shadow of our ever-growing collections and we are happy to have it back in production. The species "renardii" hales from the Caucasus Mountains and is easily distinguished by the puckered, gray green surface of its leaves which measure up to four-inches across. The margins of the leaves are widely lobed. The selection 'Philippe Vapelle' has outward facing cupped flowers which open in dense clusters on flowering stems above the leaves. The flower petals are notched at their tips and often darkly veined. This is a Great Plant Pick from the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanic Garden.

Late spring, early summer.  12 in. x 12-15 in.

Lavender Blue flowers

Sun     Zones 6, 7, 8

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