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746-001-1   Garrya eliptica     ( Silk-tassel bush )

Garrya eliptica
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This native of the Western States should be used more commonly in gardens. Why? First, because the most frequent question we are asked at our nursery is the names of shrubs that can be used as hedging to hide the neighbors. One or two of these evergreen shrubs can easily be used to create a moderately quick, informal evergreen screen that should more than hide unwanted views. Second, even though Silk-tassel bushes are regarded as background plants, they are very attractive and are especially noteworthy in late winter when their long, tress-like tassels are dangling underneath their countless branches. Third, they are easily shaped. Even though their branches often grow in odd directions, the wood is soft enough to easily promote upward growing limbs. The leaves are quite thick, especially older ones, and have a slight gloss on their surfaces even though they are actually covered in tiny hairs. The undersides of the leaves have an indumentum of fine hairs that give them a woolly appearance.

Midwinter to early spring.  10-12 ft. x 10-12 ft.

Gray Green flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zone 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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