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034-237   Fuchsia 'Pumila'  

Fuchsia 'Pumila'
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This classic fuchsia has graced gardens since 1821. It bears small-to-tiny flowers on an upright shrub. The dense branches bear small, mid-green foliage. Individual leaves are serrated along their edges. The flowers have short crimson tubes and sepals with purple corollas that have occasional streaks of pink toward their tops. Early flowers are a little larger than subsequent flowers on the stem. The small size of the foliage and flowers makes one think that the plant will be dwarf, but over time, it can become fairly large. Thanks to Linda Rectanus for sharing cuttings with us.

Summer to autumn.   4-6 ft. x 3-4 ft.

Crimson/Purple flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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