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034-238   Fuchsia 'Gordon's China Rose'  

Fuchsia 'Gordon's China Rose'
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Fuchsia 'Gordon's China Rose' has been in the trade since 1953, however, we have only recently discovered its charms thanks to Linda Rectanus, an avid fuchsia fan who has shared many of her plants with us. The midsized flowers hang gracefully on gently arching stems. Their white tubes fuse with the sepals which are lightly flushed with pink. The green tips of the sepals recurve to reveal coral pink corollas which are more richly colored at the base. The dark green foliage showcases the soft coloration of the blooms. The shrub is upright in habit and flowers freely.

Summer to autumn.   24-36 in. x 24-36 in.

White/Coral Pink flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9

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