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034-239   Fuchsia 'DebRon's Mangolita'  

Fuchsia 'DebRon's Mangolita'
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We have been lucky to have fellow fuchsia-lover Linda Rectinus share this and other fuchsias in her collection with us. Fuchsia 'DebRon's Mangolita' forms a small shrub with a lightly arching habit. The single flowers are extraordinarily colorful. The soft pink tube merges into soft pink sepals with green tips. As the sepals recurve, they reveal their rich coral undersides. The coral coloration in turn creates a vibrant complement to the dark red-violet corolla. Dark green, serrated foliage shows the plentiful flowers off to good advantage. Another fine Northwest hybrid from Ron and Deb Monier.

Summer to Autumn.   15-18 in. x 15-18 in.

Soft Pink/Red Violet flowers

Part Shade, Shade     Zones (7), 8, 9

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