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322-058   Epimedium koreanum 'Harold Epstein'     ( Bishops cap, Barrenwort )

Epimedium koreanum 'Harold Epstein'
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Our research reveals that this was named by Seattle area plantsman Jerry Flintoff to honor the late Harold Epstein, who, among a list of accomplishments, was the long-serving president of the American Rock Garden Society and who was an avid collector of Epimediums. This slowly spreading groundcover is excellent for larger areas in need of a showy display. What makes Epimedium 'Harold Epstein' showy is not only the large flowers which appear before the new foliage unfurls. It is also the very large leaves measuring a half-foot-long and about 4-inches wide that really make a statement. In addition, the new leaf-stems are red.

Early Spring.  15 in. x Increase slowly.

Soft Yellow flowers

Shade, Part Shade     Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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