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663-002-1   Enkianthus campanulatus     ( Redvein enkianthus )

Enkianthus campanulatus
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Best grown in an open woodland setting, these slow-growing, deciduous shrubs are most often celebrated for their colorful autumn foliage which echoes Japanese maples in the brilliance of their orange and red leaves. Enkianthus campanulatus has many other charms as well, not the least of which are its clusters of small, rounded bell-shaped flowers which are delicately veined in red. These give way to green fruits that darken with age. In addition, the rounded, somewhat lance-shaped leaves are matte green and appear in a whorled pattern on the branches, a pleasing composition. Because it blooms on the previous year's wood, if you must prune, do so immediately after flowering.

May to June.  6-10 ft. x 4-6 ft.

Creamy Yellow flowers

Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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