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314-040D4   Daphne retusa  

Daphne retusa
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It is sometimes hard to find reliable, compact evergreen shrubs for smaller gardens. Daphne retusa is a good candidate. Introduced in 1901 by Ernest Wilson from an expedition to China and Tibet, it has been a familiar plant for rock gardeners ever since. Its upright habit and dark, glossy, blunt-tipped foliage, give it a sense of solidity. Yet in bloom, it has a surprisingly delicate appearance when it is covered with clusters of two-toned flowers, pink on the outside, white on the interior. They are delightfully fragrant. Later in the season, orange fruits glow amidst the rounded leaves.

Late spring.  24 in. x 18-24 in.

Rose and White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 6, 7, 8
We have learned to grow the rock garden daphnes in well-draining soil with protection from the hottest sun of the day. In addition, we keep our daphnes free from the foliage of overhanging perennials and grasses.

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