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150-021-1   Clematis macropetala  

Clematis macropetala
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More than 25 years ago, we received a plant of Clematis macropetala from a local grower. We have grown this plant in different sized containers and in varying settings in the garden throughout the last few decades, but we have never propagated it until now. This selection of Clematis macropetala has such nice-sized flowers of good blue we have decided it deserves to be in the trade. The broader outer sepals of the ballet-skirt flowers are violet blue. They hold a ruff of narrower blue sepals within. Please note that over the years, as our weather has changed, we have noticed that this plant does best in the Pacific Northwest with morning sun and protection from the hottest afternoon sun. It also likes good drainage and regular water.

Spring to early summer.  10-13 ft.

Blue flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8
Vines from Clematis Section Atragene have lantern-shaped flowers. Their silky seed heads are attractive throughout the season. These bloom on old wood. Prune or tidy up after bloom or cut back hard soon after bloom to revitalize.

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