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150-293-1   Clematis coactilis  

Clematis coactilis
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Clematis coactilis comes from mountainous areas of western Virginia where it grows in rocky, infertile soil. Like other members of the Integrifolia Section of Clematis, it has upright stems with down-facing urn-shaped flowers. One of the charms of this species is that the solitary flowers are covered in wooly white hairs as are the flower stems and even the undersides of the leaves. As the flowers develop, the tips of the sepals recurve in a perky manner. We grow Clematis coactilis in a rockery and in a gravel bed. We have found that if the flowering stems are cut back the plant will send out new stems and repeat flower. This is especially useful because the flowering stems hold well in a vase and make an unusual addition to a small arrangement or bud-vase.

May.  8-16 in.

Whitish flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 6, 7, 8, 9

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