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150-795-1   Clematis aff urophylla  

Clematis aff urophylla
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This evergreen clematis has been difficult to identify. We received it originally from our friends the Sugimotos in Japan. They had gotten it in China where it was listed as Clematis anshuensis. That nomenclature is equivalent to Clematis clarkeana. After many years, we have concluded that this plant is not C. clarkena. It does not match the botanical description. Instead it is much closer to C. urophylla because of several characteristics. One, the flowers are not "glabrous" (smooth) on the outside as those of C. clarkeana are described. Nor are they flushed with purple. Instead they are white to greenish white. In addition, the length of the stamens is one-half the length of the sepals which is characteristic of C. urophylla. Also, this vine blooms from December to early February, much later than C. clarkeana. No matter, what the botanical name, this is a fine plant for a sheltered garden. We grow it in part shade in a rhododendron. Its dark green, deeply veined leaves are three-part: the central leaflet is the largest. All leaflets come to a pointed tip that often twists. The flower buds are pale green and very rounded. In our specimen, the flowers seem to occur in pairs. We've grown this for more than 10 years and have struggled with nomenclature, but have decided it is garden-worthy and needs to be enjoyed by clematis lovers.

December, January, and February.  12 ft.

Creamy White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones (7), 8, 9
We have chosen to prune this lightly at the end of winter.

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