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150-866-1   Clematis 'Roguchi No. 2'  

Clematis 'Roguchi No. 2'
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Kazushige Ozawa made the cross between C. integrifolia and C. reticulata that resulted in the hybrid 'Roguchi' which is now a world-wide favorite. At the same time, he selected two other seedlings which remained unnamed. Since Mr. Ozawa's death, his nephew Mikiyoshi Chikuma has maintained those two crosses. Recently, Mr. Chikuma released the second cross. Its flowers are almost identical to the original 'Roguchi' - deep plummy bell-flowers of good texture and size that bloom throughout the summer. The foliage, however, is a little different, more like C. intergrifolia and less like C. reticulata. As a result, this plant is more upright, with stiffer stems. Most importantly, it is less susceptible to powdery mildew than the original 'Roguchi'. We have grown 'Roguchi No. 2' for three years and think it is a fine plant. It is not as lush in appearance as the first, but may be an improvement for gardeners in areas of high humidity. Mr. Chikuma has allowed us to use this name to distinguish it from the original.

Summer.  6-8 Ft. x 6-8 ft.

Dark Purple flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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