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150-904-1   Clematis PRINCESS KATE ('Zoprika')  

Clematis PRINCESS KATE ('Zoprika')
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This is a break-through clematis in color and shape. The tulip- or lily-flowered clematis that derive their shape from the species Clematis texensis have been available for almost a century. Unfortunately many of the early selections of C. texensis crossed with large-flowered hybrids have been lost. We still have a few such as 'Duchess of Albany,' 'Gravetye Beauty' and the like. But, we have not had one with a white center. Developed by Wim Snoeijer at J. van Zoest Nursery in Holland in 2006, this was released in 2012. The 2.5-inch-long flowers show the distinctive tulip shape. They have purple pink buds that open to reveal their white interior. The reverse side of the sepals have purple bases and a central purple pink bar. The stamens are plum-colored.

Summer.  10-13 ft.

White/Purple Pink flowers

Sun     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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