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150-753-1   Clematis 'Oborozukiyo'  

Clematis 'Oborozukiyo'
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Kazushige Ozawa left this numbered seedling with his nephew Mikiyoshi Chikuma before his death. The Chikumas who have been working to develop a series of similar free-standing, herbaceous perennial clematis using North American species, named and released it. Clematis `Oborozukiyo' is non-clinging and its tubular flowers hang from the ends of upright crook-neck stems. The flowers are easily cut for use in small flower arrangements. When the flowers have bloomed out, cut back the stem to promote new growth and repeat flowering. The name is from The Tale of Genji. It suggests the moon on a misty night. Grow this in the front of a border or a container.

Summer.   36 in.

Light Purple flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 6, 7, 8, 9
Cut this herbaceous clematis back at the end of winter and give a light feed to promote new growth and bloom.

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