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150-333-1   Clematis 'Jenny Keay'  

Clematis 'Jenny Keay'
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Allister Keay, the wonderful New Zealand clematis grower and breeder, brought a gift plant of Clematis 'Jenny Keay' to us when he visited our nursery back in the 1990's. We have grown it in a container as a treasure for many years. This Clematis montana form (thought to be the result of a cross between C. montana and C. spooneri) has a unique appearance. Its flowers are both double and semi-double. Additionally, it is not as vigorous as many montana forms, is slower growing and has tighter internodes. These are assets that have allowed us to grow it in a series of containers for the last many years. The flowers of 'Jenny Keay' are very lovely. When grown in the sun, they have a pink blush in the outer sepals. In the shade the flowers are more greenish white. The filaments are a complementary pale green with yellowish green anthers. Allister Keay (pronounced like the alphabet letter "k") is one of the most accomplished clematarians we have met. It is a real honor to be able to offer Clematis 'Jenny Keay' for sale.

(May) June.  18 ft.

Pale Greenish White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7, 8, 9
The flowers of Clematis montana and its cultivars bloom on wood from the previous year. It is best to tidy up the plant after it has finished blooming in the early summer. Always prune above an active growth point.

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