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150-067-1   Clematis 'Hakurei'  

Clematis 'Hakurei'
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Early in the season, the white of the flowers of Clematis 'Hakurei' (Hiroshi Hayakawa, pre-1991) is tinged with creamy lavender, but as the heat comes on the flowers turn pure white. The bell-shaped flowers with twisted sepal tips have a jasmine scent. Try them as cut flowers. This will continue to bloom throughout the summer if you pinch off spent blooms. All of our Clematis are two year old plants that are suitable for immediate planting in your garden.

June to July.  2.5 ft.

White flowers

Sun     Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
An herbaceous, non-climbing clematis which make a delightful subject for the mid or front border or a container. We grow these in cages or propped between low shrubs. Prune hard at the end of winter.

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