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146-001-1   Chimonanthus praecox     ( Winter Sweet )

Chimonanthus praecox
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Much of the year, this upright,deciduous large shrub or small tree fades into the background in the garden. Yes, it does have attractive lanceolate shaped leaves which turn a nice buttery yellow in the autumn. It is however the sweetly fragrant waxy flowers that appear in the winter that are the big attraction. The flowers are soft yellow, accented with a purple splash in the the center. The flowers open at a time of the year when we need the fragrance and color that we get from this great plant.

November through mid-March  12 x 10

Soft Yellow flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 7,8,9
Note: A hard frost will freeze off the flowes but with milder winter weather more buds will expand and continue with the bloom until sometime in March. Prune the plant to shape and size after the blooming is completed, generally in March or early April.

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