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465-041D4   Ceanothus cuneatus ssp. cuneatus 'Adair Village'     ( Buck brush )

Ceanothus cuneatus ssp. cuneatus 'Adair Village'
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Many thanks to Tamara Paulat who introduced us to this Oregon native which she grows in a no-summer-water area of her garden to provide a natural privacy screen. This upright shrub has gray-barked stems bearing small, thick, paddle-shaped leaves. In the early spring its branches are covered with clusters of small white flowers that are attractive to seasonal pollinators. It is evergreen, tolerant of poor soils and dry conditions. Tamara wonders why it is not more commonly used by Northwest gardeners.

Early to mid-spring.   8 ft. x 8 ft.

White flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9

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