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701-009D4   Callistemon pityoides 'Mt. Kosciuszko Form'     ( Alpine bottlebrush )

Callistemon pityoides 'Mt. Kosciuszko Form'
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Australia. Over the years in our garden, Callistemon pityoides 'Mt. Kosciuzko Form' has had to deal with record cold, record snow and occasional encroachment from neighboring plants. Through it all, this shrub has been a trouper. Its thin needle-like evergreen foliage makes it look like a dwarf conifer from a distance. Its dense upright growth seems to have protected it from snow, something it surely experienced on Mt. Kosciuszko. We learned about this bottlebrush from our friends at Xera Plants when we were installing a no-water garden. This was one of their recommendations and it has certainly stood the no-water test. Its subtle green yellow bottlebrush flowers are not large or showy but we don't mind. We admire it for the texture its foliage gives the bed and its compact habit.

Mid to late summer.  40 in. x 40 in.

Greenish Yellow flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9

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