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339-011-1   Bergenia 'Baby Doll'     ( Dwarf Elephant Ears )

Bergenia 'Baby Doll'
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Bergenias fall in and out of fashion despite the fact that their evergreen foliage is lustrous and interesting throughout the year and they are easy of care. 'Baby Doll' is a step down in size from the classic forms of this perennial. The attractive leaves are 6 inches long and about 4 inches across. They have bronze highlights which become most pronounced during the cold weather. The edges of the leaves are bluntly toothed and outlined in red purple. The bloom spikes are adorned with clusters of down-facing cupped flowers early in the season. Savvy gardeners are also discovering that bergenias are fairly drought-tolerant.

Mid- to late spring.  12 in. x 18-24"

Soft Pink flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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