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571-027D4   Berberis replicata     ( Barberry )

Berberis replicata
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Plant explorer George Forrest found Berberis replicata in Yunnan, China, in 1917. With its' narrow evergreen leaves and arching branches, it forms an attractive specimen shrub which brings a long season of interest to the garden. Throughout the year, the youngest terminal leaves on the branches are burgundy, contrasting nicely with the dark green leaves behind them. In spring, the soft yellow flowers are both eye-catching and fragrant. Later in the year, elliptical berries develop turning from pale yellow-green to red to black-purple as they age. The specific name comes from the fact that the leaves are recurved along their edges ("replicate"). Because the stems have spines, this shrub is sometimes used en masse to create an evergreen barrier hedge.

May.  5-6 ft. x 5-6 ft.

Pale Yellow flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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