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839-001D4   Beesia deltophylla  

Beesia deltophylla
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This exceptional groundcover was one of many treasures introduced by Dan Hinkley from his expeditions to China. Evergreen, hardy, yet slow to increase, we have found Beesia deltophylla to be an attractive companion underneath decidious shrubs. There the lustrous heart-shaped leaves and purple stems can be seen to good effect. The shrubs shade the plants during the summer but allow the cool winter sun in during winter and early spring. The starry flower display is ephemeral but attractive. This is not drought tolerant so please give it regular water during the dry part of the year.

Mid- to late spring.  18-24 in. x 18-24 in.

White flowers

Part Shade, Shade     Zones 6, 7, 8
This is a Great Plant Pick.

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