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011-005D4   Baptisia sphaerocarpa 'Screamin' Yellow'     ( Yellow False Indigo )

Baptisia sphaerocarpa 'Screamin' Yellow'
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We have grown Baptisias for many years but never tried this species until recently. Because Baptisia australis has always been slow to develop to a mature size in our gardens, we anticipated that the same would be true of this species. However, in only two years, Baptisia 'Screamin' Yellow' formed an upright plant with bright terminal racemes of showy flowers. As a bonus, large black seed pods persisted until the end of the summer. Thanks are due to Larry Loman of Ridgecrest Nursery in Wynne, Arkansas for this color selection.

June.  2-3 ft. x 2 ft.

Bright Golden Yellow flowers

Sun     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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