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266-001D4   Antirrhinum majus 'Joy Creek Selection'     ( Snapdragon )

Antirrhinum majus 'Joy Creek Selection'
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We have had snapdragons naturalized in our garden for the last 25 years, all seedlings from the original plants we raised when we started the nursery. A while ago, we discovered a beautiful dark coral form came true from seed and we are delighted to have plants for sale. Antirrhinum majus 'Joy Creek Selection' is basically evergreen in our garden although the foliage does not look its best in winter. With the advent of spring, rounded buds begin to appear at the terminals of the flowering stems. Soon large coral flowers with golden centers appear. Try it in containers as we have done combining Carex testacea and Diascia 'Coral Belle.'

Spring to autumn.  1 ft. x 6 in.

Rich Coral Peach flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

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