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555-001D4   Ajania pacifica f. radiatum  

Ajania pacifica f. radiatum
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For several years we have been confused about this chrysanthemum. From its appearance, we assumed it was a plant that we grew many years ago called Ajania pacifica. But when it bloomed, it does not have the standard clusters of rounded golden flowers we have come to expect from that plant. Instead it has rayed flowers that are white circling the golden centers. We finally consulted Makino's New Illustrated Flora of Japan and found what is called in Japanese "Hana-isogiku" which translates to Chrysanthemum pacificum f. radiatum. It is part of a complex of chrysanthemum that grow on rocks and crags near the Pacific ocean. What we like best about it are the thick, almost succulent leaves which are rich green on top but have dense, fine hairs on their reverses and leaf-edges that make the leaves appear to be out-lined in silver. The plants are somewhat drought-tolerant, can handle sandy soils, and are salt tolerant.


White and Gold flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9

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