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156-032   Agastache 'Licorice Candy'  

Agastache 'Licorice Candy'
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'Licorice Candy' was raised by Andy and Melissa Van Hevelingen at their herb farm. The Van Hevelingen's are donating procedes from this hyssop to the Alzheimers Association in honor of Melissa's uncle, Orlin Roth, and Andy's mother, Frances Van Hevelingen. Where many of the new Agastaches have not been long-lasting in Pacific Northwest gardens, this has proven reliable through some of our very worst winters and springs. The tall spikes carry foot-long flower heads composed of extra-long tubular flowers in whorled arrangements up the stems. The flower buds are burnt coral. In addition to its beauty, this hyssop can be used culinarily. The flowers have a sweet licorice flavor with an undernote of mint. Toss them in salads or use them as a breath-freshener. The leaves, too, have an anise flavor. The Van Hevelingen's suggest using them as a tarragon substitute to flavor soups, stews and chicken dishes.

Summer to autumn.  3-4 ft. x 2.5-3 ft.

Rose Pink flowers

Sun     Zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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