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117-020D4   Agapanthus 'Ellamae'     ( African blue lily )

Agapanthus 'Ellamae'
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Agapanthus 'Ellamae' comes into bloom a little later than the other Agapanthus selections we carry at our nursery. Its blooms are also larger and rise on taller stems as if to compensate for its late appearance at the garden party. The dark flowers are uniform in color on their exteriors, but inside they are striped light and dark. When the flowers have fallen they are replaced by attractive seed heads that retain the rayed globular effect of the blooms. 'Ellamae' also has very handsome, broad, lustrous strap-shaped leaves which are deciduous in our climate. The literature tells us that this was hybridized in 1978 by Archie A. Armate of Huntington Beach, CA, who selected it from his crosses between A. africanus and A. praecox var. orientalis.

August into September.  30 in. x 36 in.

Blue Violet flowers

Sun     Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

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